Teshin Associates Digital Arts will provide you with the best digital photo restoration available, drawing from our 30 years experience in traditional photo retouching and our expertise in Adobe Photoshop (the software we use exclusively in color balancing all of the Giclée art reproductions that we print).

We can restore your precious family heirlooms and print them on archival papers or canvas that will last for generations, at any size.

Since there are many variables in producing a quality photo restoration, please call to discuss your particular needs or send us your original photographs and we will provide you with an exact estimate without any obligation.

Following are some examples of our work.

Click on an image below for a closer view.

You can see how yellowed and cracked the original photo was. We visually restored the carpet and cleaned up the torn edges.
Here, we took out the tears in the paper, removed the scratches and basically recreated the left eye.
With this photo, we sharpened it, removed the speckles and gave it a nice warm sepia tone. We also removed the unnatural blue coloration.
We removed the grain and blemishes from the original photograph. The restored photo is sharper with intact corners and edges.
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